From Knowledge Creation to Knowledge Diffusion

PICO Project
Academic entrepreneurship, from knowledge creation to knowledge diffusion

This project is funded by the Sixth Framework Program of the European Commission. It is part of Priority 7 (Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge Based Society), Research Area 1 (Improve the generation, distribution and use of knowledge and its impact on economic and social development). Link: http://cordis.europa.eu/citizens/

Project Reference : 28928 | Contract Type : Specific Targeted Research Project
Start Date : 2006-01-01 | End Date : 2009-06-30 | Duration : 42 months
Project Cost : 1.31 million euro | Project Funding: 878.300 euro
This project focuses on Research-Based Spin-Offs (RBSOs), that is to say firms that are created around scientific knowledge generated in public research organizations (PROs). RBSOs play a key role in transforming scientific knowledge into new knowledge that is embodied in new technologies, products, services and processes. Hence, they play an important role as an engine of innovation and growth for Europe. In this project we seek to understand the conditions under which RBSOs effectively contribute to the generation of new knowledge and its dissemination in the environment in which they are embedded.

The project has three objectives.


We will analyze the determinants of the knowledge creation and transformation function of RBSOs as it is mirrored in their innovative activity. These determinants include: the structure and resources of RBSOs, the institutional characteristics of the PROs and the local/national environment, and the nature of knowledge in different domains.

We will examine the impact of the innovative activity of RBSOs on their competitiveness and growth, and the factors that moderate this relationship

We will study the impact of RBSOs on the innovation and growth of their customers and partners which possibly are the main beneficiaries of the knowledge creation and transformation activity of RBSOs.

The results of our analyses will allow us to reassess the rationale for public support to the creation and development of RBSOs.
To achieve these objectives we will develop a conceptual model drawn on the resource-based view of the firm and institutional theories and will then validate it using empirical data. Our analysis will combine quantitative data analysis with case studies of firms in different European countries. The project benefits from the competencies developed by the Consortium members in economics, sociology, management, science policy. It also builds on and substantially extends the results of previous EU projects in related fields in which the members were involved.
The project started in January, 2006 and will last three years and a half.
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