A think tank for responsibility in innovation

The Observatory for Responsible Innovation (Observatoire pour l'innovation responsable) is an independent international think tank, created with the purpose of thinking and debating new measures, concepts and methods to foster responsibility in innovation. It is based at Mines ParisTech and is part of the Interdisciplinary Institute on Innovation.

We defend the view that, today, innovation develops at a very fast pace and generates unforeseen, sometimes problematic consequences that have to be taken into account, and that the value of innovation is a complex, controversial and, above all, collective issue. 

A thematic focus to identify emerging issues 

The Observatory seeks at accompanying a move towards a culture of responsibility in innovation, focusing on specific sectors in which the challenges of responsible innovation are high: e.g. finance and the financial services industry in 2011, renewable energy in architecture in 2012, information and communication technologies in 2013, ocean engineering in 2015.

Promoting debate

The Observatory encourages debate through the constitution of working groups, through special events, prizes and encounters and through the organization of a international debates. The Observatory reports on such initiatives through its blog, ad hoc publications and its online journal Debating Innovation.

Informing policy decisions

The Observatory is attentive to responsible innovation in multiple areas, and develops policy initiatives through dedicated working groups, to collectively build new approaches and proposals. The actions of the Observatory for Responsible Innovation targets a wide variety of publics, from regulatory bodies and industrial players to political forces and civic organizations.

Discussing and communicating ideas

The Observatory contribute to the production of ideas that translate in a variety of publications.

And more

More about us here. Please contact us for more information.