30 November 2011: Debating Responsible Innovation in Finance

A day of debates on the issue of responsibility in finance

The Observatory's first annual conference on “Debating Responsible Innovation in Finance” was held in Paris on November 30th, 2011 and gathered a number of relevant actors from the banking sector, regulatory bodies, interdisciplinary research and the media in order to raise issues and propose solutions. The debate focused on the following questions:

 - Can actors from the financial services industry take responsibility for the potentially devastating consequences that financial innovation can have? Are new, sophisticated financial products and services at the edge of irresponsibility?

- What kind of practical devices can foster a culture of responsible innovation inside investment banks? How should we think incentives in the financial industry in order to promote responsible behavior?

- How can negative externalities and financial side effects be monitored and taken care of? To which extent should regulators and central banks be independent?

- Can and should financial innovation be more democratic and open to public scrutiny? Is it possible for potentially affected parties to discuss sophisticated financial products at their design stage?

 The conference program is available here.

Read the viewpoints on the debates from the contributors of the Observatory in the second issue of our journal Debating Innovation.

Watch the best of and various videos extracts of this day of intense and fruitful debate on the key issues of financial innovation with prominent speakers of the financial services industry and regulatory institutions with an international audience 

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