Anne-Sophie Haeringer

The research seminar « Maintaining/Supporting: fragility as a mode of existence » will welcome

Anne-Sophie Haeringer

La fin de vie comme art de ménager d’innombrables passages

The end of life as an art of allowing countless passages

Anne-Sophie Haeringer is a sociologist, research fellow in the Politique de la connaissance team at the Max Weber Centre (UMR 5283) and associate researcher in the CRESSON (Centre de recherche sur l’espace sonore et l’environnement urbain) team at the Ambiances, architectures, urbanités laboratory (UMR 1563). Her research is conducted from a pragmatist perspective and is focused on the uncertain or overflowing existence of beings in-the-making, and on the modalities of attention, support or accompaniment these beings in-the-making are requiring. She explores fields such as the contemporary storytellers’ practices, local resident groups’ mobilization against urban renewal projects, or end-of-life accompaniment, which she will talk about at the seminar.

We invite those who wish to do so to read this article prior to the seminar: 
Anne-Sophie Haeringer, Considérer la personne en fin de vieAnthropologie & Santé [Online], 15 / 2017

Date: May 22, 2018

The research seminar « Fragility » is held once a month on Tuesday 11 am-1 pm, at Mines ParisTech, room St Jacques, 60 bd St Michel 75006 Paris.

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