Doctoriales i3 2018

Doctoral training is at the heart of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation – i3. The theses prepared within i3 renew the analysis and the accompaniment of technical and social innovation.

The organization of annual doctoral days aims to publicize the doctoral research currently carried out at i3, to initiate a multidisciplinary exchange around research topics common to the i3 laboratories, and to provide supporting feedback to the PhD candidates.

The two parallel workshops sessions organized throughout the morning, then in the afternoon will be devoted to the work of PhD candidates at the beginning of their doctoral research.

Morning session (10:00-12:30):

1/ New market organizations

2/ New business experiences

Afternoon session (15:30-17:30):

3/ The issue of energy in the digital age

4/ Body, objects, materials

The plenary session at the beginning of the afternoon (13:30 – 15:00) gives the floor to three candidates near completion of their PhD, whose doctoral research is considered illustrative of the diversity of the research carried out within i3 (topics, methods, relationships with innovation stakeholders).

Adam BAÏZ (CGS). What is an innovative public policy instrument? The Energy Saving Certificates system: emergence, design, evaluation

Romain BIZET (Cerna). Nuclear risk communication: Information and perceptions

Alexandre VIOLLE (CSI). Governing a supranational risk:  the construction of the European Banking Union



The “Doctoriales i3 2018” will take place on May 23rd

Venue: Mines ParisTech

60 bd Saint Michel, 75006 Paris

Vendôme building


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