Dominique Cardon

i3 seminar « Methods for the analysis of online participation » will welcome

 Dominique Cardon

“Topography of Online Fame”

The session

We are pleased to welcome Dominique Cardon, director of Médialab at Sciences Po. He will discuss the methods used to analyze the topography of online fame.

His presentation and the following discussion will be based on a paper published in Réseaux:

Cardon Dominique, Fouetillou Guilhem, et Roth Camille, « Topographie de la renommée en ligne », Réseaux, 2014, vol. 188, p. 85-120. The article is available here:

Participants need to have read the paper before the seminar. The author’s presentation will focus on the “making of” of his research, explaining the type of data collected, the processing implemented, the analytical strategies, etc. His presentation will be followed by a collective discussion whose purpose is to explore the links between the processing of data and the analyses, interpretations and arguments resulting from it.

The i3 seminar “Methods for the analysis of online participation”

The seminar is organised within the framework of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation (i3). Its focus is on the approaches to the exploitation of digital data for the analysis of uses and forms of participation. Open to a variety of research perspectives, its aim is to reflect upon the articulation between the collection and the shaping of digital materials and their mobilization in specific interpretative frameworks.

Information and registration

The seminar is open to all. For organizational reasons, please register here.


Date: April 5, 2018, 10:30-12:30

The seminar will be held at Mines ParisTech, 60 Bd Saint Michel, room St Jacques

2018 Seminar program

Contact : Alexandre Mallard and Valérie Beaudoin