Author: Florence Paterson

Appel à candidatures 2020: recherche doctorale, contrat doctoral

Projet thématique : « La construction des marchés du vrac »

Le Centre de sociologie de l’innovation (CSI) de Mines ParisTech, Université PSL, lance un appel à candidatures visant à recruter un.e doctorant.e pour la rentrée de l’année académique 2020-2021. Le doctorat est réalisé au sein du CSI sous la direction de chercheur.e.s de ce centre, et s’inscrit dans le cadre de la spécialité doctorale STS (Sciences, techniques, sociétés) du programme doctoral en sciences sociales de l’école doctorale SDOSE (ED 543, «Sciences de la décision, des organisations, de la société et de l’échange») de l’Université PSL.

Cette recherche doctorale est co-financée par l’ADEME et par l’entreprise Bulk & Co, un des acteurs français du marché de l’équipement commercial pour la vente en vrac. Elle donnera lieu à un contrat de travail à temps plein d’une durée de trois ans, débutant en Octobre 2020. Elle s’insère dans les lignes scientifiques actuelles du CSI, et notamment dans la thématique «Marchés en société : dynamiques de concernement et processus de valorisation».

How covid-19 reshuffles the world of apps

Cornelius Heimstädt and Morgan Meyer

While the fight against Covid-19 mobilizes medicine, science and politics, it also involves a wide array of technological entities, such as apps. Apps can make life in domestic quarantine more bearable by providing opportunities for yoga, fitness, streaming, online dating, video calling, games or education. They can also provide access to practical tips, medical advice, or psychological support, difficult to access otherwise. They can also play a role in the ending and easing of lockdowns.

Doctoriales i3 2020

The Doctoriales i3 2020 will take place remotly For information regarding the remote meeting please consult the i3 website Download the Doctoriales i3 2020 Programme Doctoral training is at the heart of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation – i 3.…

Do-it-yourself strategies against the coronavirus

Morgan Meyer

Hydroalcoholic gels, protective masks, screening tests, ventilators: the manufacturing of these four objects is usually the prerogative of established institutions and companies. These objects can be found in pharmacies, in hospitals, in a world that is standardized and and organized. Covid-19 has changed this order of things and, for the moment, science, medicine and the market are struggling to contain the virus.

The shortage of gels, tests and protective masks has led to countless workarounds, détournements and innovations. Let us begin our overview with the story of […]

“The very thought of what crisis preparedness is is totally absent”

Interview of Didier Torny by François Bonnet, published in Mediapart on April 3, 2020

What do you see when you look at the French response to the Covid-19 pandemic?

What struck me first is that all the work accomplished, basically from 2004 to 2012, seemed to have completely disappeared! This work led under the authority of a service of the Prime Minister involved almost all the ministries, the local authorities, interprofessional branches, and involved large budgets […]

Catherine Bourgain (Cermes3)

THE SESSION IS POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE The EHESS seminar « Health and Big Data » will welcome Catherine Bourgain Director of Cermes3 Geneticist, Inserm Research Fellow Opening access to clinical data? Reflections on the Health data Hub, data…

Michel Naepels (CEMS-EHESS)

Guest seminar with Michel Naepels EHESS Research Director and CNRS Research Director at CEMS (Centre d’études des mouvements sociaux) Dans la détresse Une anthropologie de la vulnérabilité In distress. An anthropology of vulnerability Introduction à la discussion par Victoria Brun…

Open science, closed borders: epidemics as “a test of global solidarity”

Didier Torny and Frédéric Vagneron

Never has the genetic identification of a new virus been deciphered so quickly: on the 29th of December 2019, the first cases of an epidemic caused by a new virus are reported in China; 7 days later, a team from Fudan University in Shanghai publishes the complete sequence of the RNA virus of the coronavirus family. Since then, the sequences of its variants […]

Benjamin Loveluck (CERSA)

THE SESSION IS POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE i3 seminar “Analysis of online participation” will welcome Benjamin Loveluck Le petit chat est mort Dimensions numériques d’une mobilisation liée à la cause animale The kitten is dead. Numerical dimensions of a…

Morten Nissen

My field can be called science “studies in pedagogical psychology. I chair the research program ‘Rearticulating the Formation of Motivation’. I mostly articulate practices and inscription devices of social work with theories of subjectivity, collectivity and aesthetics. I currently analyze…