Author: Florence Paterson

Cyrus Eugenio

Thesis title: The construction of the contemporary bulk market in France. A study of the relationships between the supply actors’ initiatives, market devices and consumer practices. Supervisors: Alexandre Mallard (CSI-i3) and Franck Cochoy (LISST).

Filippo Reale

Filippo Reale is an economic sociologist at Institute for Sociology, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, who works on the changes in legitimating and applying science and technology that are intrinsic to late capitalism. He has been working on, for example, patterns…

Doctoral thesis defense of Alexandre Camus

Alexandre Camus will defend his thesis Faire valoir un patrimoine Comment une école polytechnique investit la numérisation de la collection audiovisuelle d’un festival musical Valuing cultural heritage. How a polytechnic school invests in the digitization of the audiovisual collection of…

Doctoral thesis defense of Marie Alauzen

Marie Alauzen will defend her thesis Plis et replis de l’État plateforme Enquête sur la modernisation des services publics en France Unfolding the Platform State: An Inquiry into the Modernisation of French Public Services Ecole Doctorale EOS – Économie, Organisation,…

Audio archives of the CSI Research Seminar – Maintaining/Supporting: fragility as a mode of existence (2017-2019)

Research Seminar organized by Jérôme Denis, Antoine Hennion, Anne-Sophie Haeringer and David Pontille.

The seminar starts with one observation: the current proliferation of research that deals with care, or attention. These studies investigate the climate or Gaia, the art of repairing objects or conserving artworks, the maintenance of technical networks […]

La fin des discriminations syndicales ? Luttes judiciaires et pratiques négociées

The end of trade union discrimination?
Judicial struggles and Negotiated practices

A book by Vincent-Arnaud Chappe, Jean-Michel Denis, Cécile Guillaume and Sophie Pochic

The 2008 and 2015 laws on Trade Union Representatives Reform and Social Dialog have introduced within firms new corporate requirements about the “reconciliation” of trade union and professional activity. How can this sudden attention of the public authorities to “union discrimination” be explained? Are we witnessing a historic break in “French style” professional relations? […]


Scriptopolis is an assemblage of microsurveys on writing, equipped by photography. It contains a long-term documentation on the multitude of scriptural forms that we rub shoulders with, produce and manipulate on a daily basis. Each double page, consisting of a photo and a short text, questions a graphic trace and the world it brings about, placing in the foreground […]

Publications as data in the age of open science

Pierre Mounier (EHESS, OpenEdition Center) and Didier Torny (CNRS, I3)

Since the invention of the “journal” form in the seventeenth century, publications have always been used as data for other scientists. As Christine L. Borgman, Professor of Information Science, puts it, “Publication, as the public record of research, is part of a continuous cycle of reading, writing, discussing, searching, investigating, presenting, submitting, and reviewing. No scholarly publication stands alone.” [1] But the ways these publications are mobilized and transformed into data are varied and involve ever more complex infrastructures.