A new issue of PRAGMATA. Pragmatism, Politics and Social Sciences: New Explorations

The second issue of Pragmata, entitled « Pragmatisme, politique et sciences sociales : nouvelles explorations » [“Pragmatism, Politics and Social Sciences: New Explorations”], opens a series of three issues devoted to politics. In addition to the sections “Articles”, “Translation”, “Interview” and “Reviews”, readers will find two new sections, with contributions by researchers from the CSI.

The “Workshop” section is dedicated to a collective, a seminar or a laboratory for which reference to pragmatism is important, and whose work is presented by one of its members. Antoine Hennion reports here on the Research Seminar “Maintaining/Supporting: Fragility as a mode of existence” he co-organized at the Center for the Sociology of Innovation with Jérôme Denis, Anne-Sophie Haeringer and David Pontille. He takes this opportunity to clarify the relations between his sociology of translation and authors such as William James and John Dewey.

The “Symposium” section, a collective discussion format around a book published recently, is devoted to Philippe Lorino’s book Pragmatism and Organization Studies, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2018, with contributions from Philippe Lorino, Damien Mourey, Fabian Muniesa, Aura Parmentier-Cajaiba and Alvin Panjeta.

Pragmata 2019-2 [issue available online]

Language: French