Forms of technical democracy: social experimentation, public debate and mobilization

Technical democracy and the engagement of concerned groups in scientific and technical debates and activities have been central in the CSI’s recent research agenda. This topic can’t be avoided when one focuses on the interlinking relationship between scientific and technical development, on the one hand, and the forms of organization of the social world, on […] More about »

The economy in the making: socio-technical devices, economics, management sciences, and performativity

Previous work at the CSI has shown that the shaping of markets (their creation, stabilization and transformation) is the result of actions undertaken by multiple actors with widely diverse approaches and interests. Within economic sociology – a field that is now consolidated and endeavours to explain these processes – the perspective developed by the CSI […] More about »

The constitution of individuals and collectives: mediation, attachments and forms of experience

The sociology of translation, situated in a pragmatist perspective, does not assume the existence of predefined groups or actors with interests, knowledge and needs. On the contrary, the aim of its analysis is to describe the transformation of socio-technical networks as a process of mediation that “performs” both users and uses, groups and their causes, […] More about »