Democratic experiments, a book by Brice Laurent

In Democratic Experiments, Brice Laurent discusses the challenges that emerging technologies create for democracy today. He focuses on nanotechnology and its attendant problems, proposing nanotechnology as a lens through which to understand contemporary democracy in both theory and practice.

Capitalization. A Cultural Guide

The authors are: Fabian Muniesa, Liliana Doganova, Horacio Ortiz, Álvaro Pina-Stranger, Florence Paterson, Alaric Bourgoin, Véra Ehrenstein, Pierre-André Juven, David Pontille, Başak Saraç-Lesavre and Guillaume Yon What does it mean to turn something into capital? What does considering things as…

Collective investigation in San Francisco with the students minoring in Public Affairs and Innovation

From 7 to 20 February 2016, the twelve students minoring in Public Affairs and Innovation (PAI) went to San Francisco as part of a study trip to participate in a collective investigation. In the frame of the CitEx project (City Experiment with urban mobility practices), involving a partnership with the Institute for Sustainable mobility (Renault-Nissan Alliance), the investigation explored the linkages between infrastructures, urban innovation…

Investigating maintenance and repair

Jérôme Denis arrived at the CSI in May. Part of his investigations concerns the – often-invisible – work that is being done at an earlier stage of the circulation and dissemination of data, in various areas (administrations, banks, city services…). Over the last few years, along with David Pontille, he has also developed a research interest around maintenance and repair activities.

He co-runs, with David Pontille and Didier Torny, Scriptopolis, a blog dedicated to the ordinary writing practices

Quantification of inequalities and diversity in firms

Interview with Vincent-Arnaud Chappe. The CSI research team welcomes Vincent-Arnaud Chappe, recruited as a researcher to the CNRS. His current research concerns the statistical equipment of the nondiscrimination and equality policies within firms. Vincent-Arnaud Chappe is the co-chairman of the…