Filippo Reale

Invited Researcher
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Filippo Reale is an economic sociologist at Institute for Sociology, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, who works on the changes in legitimating and applying science and technology that are intrinsic to late capitalism. He has been working on, for example, patterns of disappointment in innovation process and corresponding coping structures in “innovation systems,” the epistemic implications of neoliberalism, and the developments that undermine imaginations of technical “progress.” A major question that underlies these topics is how they transform solidarity and democracy.

His present research project is a qualitative comparative study of vaccine-critical (“anti-vaxx”) discourses in France and Germany. It, first, tries to contrast the different patterns of legitimation, valuation, and justification that inform vaccine-critical attitudes and, secondly, to relate them to one another, to socio-economic stratification, and to varieties in immunization policy. In other words, it asks what it exactly means “to be ‘anti-vaxx’” and how this corresponds to contemporary societal changes on the whole. With regard to policy implications, a well-documented map of the justifications that constitute vaccine criticism, and the reluctance that results, informs a suitable policy mix in immunization policy. Until then, policy will be setting incentives that are either completely inadequate in relation to the reasoning behind vaccination reluctance or not broad enough to cover the diversity of concerns.

Selection of publications

Reale, Filippo (2019): “Governing Innovation Systems: a Parsonian Social Systems Perspective”. In: Technology in Society 59, 101174.

Reale, Filippo (2018): “Comparative Institutional Advantage: an Obituary”. In: Journal of Institutional Economics. Online first:

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Reale, Filippo (2017): “Liberalization, Hysteresis, and Labor Relations in Western European Commercial Aviation“. MPIfG Discussion Paper 17/16. Köln: Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung.