PhD Candidates

Nassima Abdelghafour

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Experimental setups in poverty alleviation policies. Supervisor: Vololona Rabeharisoa. This research focuses on poverty reduction interventions with experimental features, in developing countries. More about »

Marie Alauzen

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Modernizing the State. An inquiry on the administrative and IT recompositions of the State in France. Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa. Marie Alauzen is a doctoral candidate in STS. Her work focuses on the relationships between the making of the State and the construction of technologies. More about »

Félix Boilève

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Design and making of competitiveness in West Africa: Following some development aid interventions. Supervisor: Vololona Rabeharisoa More about »

Alexandre Camus

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The sound of matter. How an engineering school invests the future of an audiovisual archive. Supervisors: David Pontille and Dominique Vinck (Université de Lausanne - STS Lab). This issue is at the core of the digitization of cultural heritage movement: is it about the liberation of an essence from the constraints of matter (dematerialization) or a set of more or less radical transformations of content? More about »

Jean Danielou

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: No maps for these territories: The construction of a territory market. Analysis of Engie's Business to territories strategy. Supervisors: Jérôme Denis and Brice Laurent More about »

Quentin Dufour

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Quantifying the national economy. The making of the GDP. Supervisors: Dominique Méda (IRISSO – Université Paris-Dauphine) and Alexandre Mallard (CSI – Mines Paristech). The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) constitutes a basic knowledge of the national economy. Used as an indicator of value added, the GDP allows a country's economic activity and its evolution – referred to as economic growth – to be assessed. The thesis questions the production of this knowledge about the economy. More about »

Evan A. Fisher

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Humanitarian Triage. The responsibilities and competencies of Doctors Without Borders. Supervisor: Antoine Hennion. Through this doctoral research project, I will study the concrete operations that prepare, support, and settle triage decisions in the humanitarian non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF). More about »

Clément Gasull

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The social and technical setups of blockchains: innovation, valuation and controversies. Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa. The ambition of this thesis is to propose a sociological analysis of the in-the-making innovative process in which are engaging financial institutions, high-tech companies and many different actors. More about »

Cornelius Heimstädt

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title : Imag(in)ing Plant Health: Smartphones and Distributed Experiments in Agriculture. Supervisors: Didier Torny and Liliana Doganova More about »

Mathilde Pellizzari

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The Social Impact Bond Policy. Supervisors: Liliana Doganova and Fabian Muniesa. More about »

Emilie Perault

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Citizen experiments in shared housing. Towards a renewal of ways of dwelling? Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard. In this thesis, I am interested in two shared housing projects gathering individuals in collectives. More about »

Jean-Baptiste Pons

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: On the borders of offshore finance: the pionneering experience of the Euromarkets (1958-1979). Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard. More about »

Mathieu Rajaoba

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Dataland. The politics of digital agriculture in France. Supervisor: Madeleine Akrich. Digital technologies are emerging in agriculture through research and innovation projects. These technologies are associated with the requirements of precision agriculture. More about »

Loïc Riom

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The making musical quality.
 Valuation, prescription and expertise in the worlds of music. Supervisor: Antoine Hennion. In the last decade, music worlds have undergone great changes in terms of technology, economy and practices. This research aims to describe how these transformations have changed music valuation, understood both as pricing and appraisal. More about »

Sophie Tabouret

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: A pesticide-free viticulture? Analysis of the trajectories and controversies on varietal innovations. Supervisors: Antoine Hennion and François Hochereau (INRA - SADAPT). This thesis leads to question the introduction of new vine varieties, in connection with the challenge of "greening" agriculture, combined with the redefinition of viticultural practices and the qualification of the wines produced. More about »

Félix Talvard

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Eco-city and smart-city experiments in mobility, energy and infrastructure. Supervisor: David Pontille. We are told that if the future of our cities lies in more growth (economic and demographic), it should be a better and responsible growth: but the technological and political means to achieve that are yet to be invented. Where is this happening? The subject of this Ph.D is urban innovation in smart- or eco-cities projects, with a focus on mobility and transportation. More about »

Alexandre Violle

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Gouverning a supranational risk: The construction of the European Banking Union. Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa. On 28 and 29 June 2012, in a period of historical economic crisis, the heads of the European Central Bank and the European Commission, Mario Draghi and José Manuel Barroso, pointed to the need for institutional strengthening of the European Union in order to provide it with the means to cope with the financial instabilities experienced since 2007. A few months later More about »