Alexandre Violle

Title of the post-doctoral project: Inquiries on the analysis of replication and scaling-up of experimentation in the fields of autonomous mobility and hydrogen, and on the use of regulatory instruments of the “regulatory sandbox” type

I defended my thesis at PSL University-Mines ParisTech in September 2019 on the Banking Union the main reform of the European Union institutions in response to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. The objective of my PhD dissertation was to track through qualitative research the effects of the public policy instruments invented by the actors of the European Central Bank to control the financial risks taken by euro area banks. The aim of such an inquiry was to characterize the way in which these instruments contribute to jointly redefine how banks should manage their business, as well as the role of the European Union and the States in delineating the proper conduct of banking organizations.

From October 2019 to May 2020, I participated, under the supervision of Eve Chiapello (CEMS), in a research program she coordinates at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, in cooperation with the University of Hamburg, entitled “Financialization and the fabrication of intangible assets as responses to the problems of contemporary capitalism” (program funded by the Anneliese Maier Research Award received from the Humbolt Foundation). This first post-doc led to the drafting of a literature review on the mobilization of the notion of financial circuit in anthropology, sociology and economics. This work serves the writing of a programmatic article jointly written with Eve Chiapello, which proposes to investigate the material infrastructures that enable the functioning of financial circuits.

In June 2020, I started a new post-doctorate at the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation as part of a research project coordinated by Brice Laurent and Liliana Doganova. The project focuses on the analysis of replication practices and scaling-up of experiments in the fields of autonomous mobility and hydrogen, as well as on the use of regulatory sandbox type instruments. I am currently carrying out a multi-site survey whose objective is to understand the reconfigurations of state action in the government of different economic activities by the organization of experimental programs on local territories.


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Violle, A. (2017). Banking supervision and the politics of verification: the 2014 stress test in the European Banking Union. Economy and Society, 46:3-4, 432- 451. [Read article]

Alauzen, M., Muniesa, F., Violle, A. (submitted). Exercising knowledge of costs: public service reform and the therapeutics of economic restraint.

Violle, A. (2018). Performance indicators in higher education in France: Actors, instruments, issues and evolutions. Unpublished report. CSI, Mines ParisTech – Agence Nationale de la Recherche