Frédéric Vergnaud

CNRS Research Engineer

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Frédéric Vergnaud is a research engineer at the CNRS. He holds a double master’s degree in Sociology (University of Paris V Sorbonne) and Computer Science (University of Marne-la-Vallée), and joined the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation in 2003.

His activities mainly focus on IT development and quantitative and qualitative methodologies and include four areas:

– IT developments: For the past ten years, Frédéric Vergnaud has specialized in the development of tools for extracting and analyzing conversational data. Originally created in 2008 for the import, cleaning and analysis of health-related mailing list messages, L@ME is now a broad-based email analysis software, allowing the viewing and analysis of messages from mailboxes, as well as extracted from online forums. Not being able to integrate all the structures of the web forums, the question of a universal tool arose quite quickly, giving birth to Extractify, a plugin for the Chrome browser, allowing the scrapping of structured data on the web. A coupled use of both applications allows the extraction and analysis of any type of comments or messages. Frédéric Vergnaud has also developed a large number of websites, including those of the CSI, I3, and research projects (EPOKS, PICO, VICO), as well as sites dedicated to teaching (“Description of Controversies”).

– IT manager of the CSI and UMR I3: Frédéric Vergnaud is the relay of the DSI of the École des Mines and the CNRS by helping the staff to become familiar with- and master the newly implemented technologies (LDAP, IMAP, WebDav, Zimbra, NAS server, encryption).

– Participation in research projects: Frédéric Vergnaud participates in the data collection and editing needed by research projects, in the development of analysis methods as well as in the production and editing of research results. He namely collaborated to the MAPO and EPOKS european projects about patients’ organizations by developing an online questionnaire coupled with a management  interface.

– Teaching: Upon his arrival at the CSI, Frédéric Vergnaud joined the the teaching staff of the course “Description of Controversies” intended for first-year engineering students at Mines-ParisTech. After having conducted tutorials in quantitative analysis, he is now in charge of supervising the students in the development of the websites they design to present their work.


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