Madeleine Akrich

Engineer, Sociologist | | Madeleine Akrich has devoted most of her work to the sociology of technology, and specifically to users. She has been seeking for further understanding of how innovators, designers and promoters of technical devices construct representations of targeted users and how, by inscribing those representations in the technical and organizational choices that they make, they produce […] More about »

Vincent-Arnaud Chappe

CNRS Researcher | | Vincent-Arnaud Chappe is a sociologist and CNRS researcher. In 2013 he received his PhD in Social Sciences from ENS Cachan, where his doctoral research dealt with the legal recourse instituted by the victims of discrimination at work. His particular focus has been the tensions related to the use of this right, between the victims’ requests […] More about »

Jérôme Denis

Professor | |   Jérôme Denis’ work takes place at the articulation of Science and Technology Studies, Anthropology of Writing and Working Place Studies. His research foregrounds the practical and political dimensions of information infrastructures, which take a crucial part, even though mostly invisible, in contemporary societies. He studies “data work”, investing how information is concretely produced and maintained behind the scenes of  […] More about »

Liliana Doganova

Researcher, Associate professor | | Liliana Doganova’s research lies at the intersection of economic sociology and STS (Science and Technology Studies), and explores market construction processes and valuation devices.   Her work can be divided into three main themes: the valorization of public research; markets, valuation and controversies; the performativity of valuation devices (business models and plans, discounted cash flow […] More about »

Antoine Hennion

Sociologist - Research director | | Antoine Hennion entered the CSI in 1974 as a student trainee, after a master done on the record industry at the École des Mines. Having a PhD in sociology at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (1991), and a training in musicology (Paris IV-Sorbonne), he turned to sociology of culture and innovation. A […] More about »

Brice Laurent

Engineer, Sociologist | | Brice Laurent’s work focuses on the relationships between the making of science and the construction of democratic order. Using an approach based on Science and Technology Studies, his work analyzes the devices that connect research programs, the making of technical objects and the production of various types of publics. The overall objectif is to study […] More about »

Alexandre Mallard

Sociologist, Senior researcher - Director of the CSI | | Alexandre Mallard has carried out his first research in the field of sociology of science and technology. After a PhD thesis studying the coordination of action through instruments, he spent a post doctoral year at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. From 1997 to 2009, he worked at the social […] More about »

Fabian Muniesa

Sociologist - Senior Researcher | | Fabian Muniesa is a senior researcher (professor) at Mines ParisTech (the Ecole des Mines de Paris). Originally trained as a sociologist, he has developped expertise in fields such as science and technology studies, economic sociology, economic anthropology and organization studies. His current areas of interest and research projects include: the sociology of finance, the anthropology […] More about »

David Pontille

Sociologist, CNRS researcher | | David Pontille’s research works are at the crossroad of science and technology studies, workplace studies and anthropology of writing. His first research about scientific authorship aimed at a twofold objective: to specify the formal and informal criteria for name ordering of scientific articles, and to identify conceptions of author that are different both from the literature definition and […] More about »

Vololona Rabeharisoa

Sociologist - Professor | | Vololona Rabeharisoa is interested in the increasing involvement of civil society organizations in scientific and technical activities. She studies the transformative effects of this involvement on the modes of production and dissemination of knowledge, and on the forms of collective mobilization. She is investigating the engagement of patients’ organizations with biomedical research, the governance of […] More about »

Didier Torny

Senior Researcher, CNRS | | Didier Torny’s research works are at the crossroads of the sociology of mobilization, the sociology of law, public policies studies and science and technology studies. On risk and health issues,  his work has underlined the role of alarm raisers in the agenda setting theory, helped to clarify the role of administrations in writing, implementoing and […] More about »