Vincent-Arnaud Chappe

Sociologist, CNRS Researcher

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Vincent-Arnaud Chappe is a sociologist and CNRS researcher. In 2013 he received his PhD in Social Sciences from ENS Cachan, where his doctoral research dealt with the legal recourse instituted by the victims of discrimination at work. His particular focus has been the tensions related to the use of this right, between the victims’ requests for remedy, the constraints linked to the requirements of the legal grammar, and the political horizon targeted by collective actors.

He continues to be interested in the judicial trial of the victims of discrimination, namely via the study, conducted in collaboration with Narguesse Keyhani, on the career- and social trajectories of the retired railway employees of North-African origin – the “Chibanis” – who have taken legal action against the SNCF (the French national railways). But now his research deals primarily with the statistical devices used in firms to enforce the anti-discrimination law, in relation to the “managerialisation” process of anti-discriminatory norms. Thus, his new research focuses on the development and the use of indicators of equality and diversity in firms (related to gender, ethno-racial origin, trade union membership and disability).

Vincent-Arnaud Chappe is also the co-chairman of the RT13 thematic network « Sociology of law and justice » of the French Association of Sociology. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Terrains & Travaux.



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