STS (In)Sensibilities. 4S 2017 Boston

Communications présentées par Nassima Abdelghafour, Ethnographic Discoveries from an Uncomfortable Impromptu Speaker Position. Madeleine Akrich, Jérôme Denis, Liliana Doganova, Brice Laurent & David Pontille, Can an Island Nation Be a Global Test-Bed? The Politics of Experimentation in Singapore. Marie Alauzen, Performing a Platform State: Ethnography of a State Identification Device. Felix Boileve, Design and Making of Competitiveness in West Africa: Following World Bank “Experts” and “Technical Assistances”. Quentin Dufour, Looking for a National Deficit. How the European Union Reconfigures the French National Accounts Policy Production. Didier Torny, Broken Science? You Only Need Post-Publication Peer Review to Fix It. Sensing the Liveliness of Things and the Fragility of Life I, session présidée par Jérôme Denis.

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